To the Land of Black and Grey

Let me take you there,

Where my world is crumbling down,

Where panic and despair,

Battle for the crown.

Let me take you there,

But promise not to cry,

When another breath of hope,

Leaves them there to die.

I will take you to the land of black and grey,

Where tears are nothing but a task,

Where the flowers only decay,

Where they all don their mask.

I will take you to the land of the prey,

Where the ashes slowly dance,

Where priests forget to pray,

Where this city is in trance.

Now that we’ve arrived to far away

Put on your bravest smile,

Look into their eyes and say,

“Darlings, it will all be fine!”

Watch their hopes flare

As they timidly twitch their lips,

To you, they lay their hearts bare

On how their lives were eclipsed.

I took you there,

To the land of black and grey,

Where the tears are a daily task,

Where the flowers wilt away,

Where no one forgets their mask,

Where the ashes bury the truth

Under death and countless lies,

Where we all lost our youth

Under these Lebanese skies.

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